For modern human

Neandertal® is a conceptual perfume that transcends time and space.

The two unisex fragrances are the speculative embodiment of the now extinct human; Neandertal. Beings that live on within our DNA. Neandertal dark™ and Neandertal light™ offer a sophisticated and complex mixture of scents with materials natural to their environments. The perfume contains fresher tones blended with innovative aromatic materials, distillates and natural isolates compounding into a mixture of olfactory palettes wearable by today’s modern humans.

“Neandertal dark is a bit more the strong, silent type than Neandertal light, and pretty satisfying. Perfumer did a craggily poetic job of composing these fragrances in a North European stone, lichen, and sea-spray idiom.”

★ ★ ★ ★

Luca Turin – Perfumes The Guide (2018)

“Perfumer did the logical thing with the marine animalic base of dark and slapped a huge rose on top, in the grand Arab manner, to give a high-contrast and altogether beautiful composition reminiscent of Edouard Fléchier’s Une Rose (Frédéric Malle, 2003) but with less woody-amber.”

★ ★ ★ ★

Luca Turin – Perfumes The Guide (2018)


LN-CC, London United Kingdom

Lab Store, London United Kingdom

AUTOGRAPH, Birmingham United Kingdom

Musee de l’homme, Paris France

Sens Unique, Paris France

10 Corso Como, Milan Italy

Jana, Turin Italy

Lazzari, Treviso Italy

SONG, Vienna Austria

Eigensinnig, Vienna Austria

Out To Lunch, Portugal

Createur5, Bucharest Romania

ELIXIR [timeless] gallery, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonian Collection, Mykonos, Greece

DAYNIGHT, St. Petersburg Russia

DAD, Moscow Russia

Anchoret, Beijing China

Common Place, Beijing China

Zovin boutique, Shenzhen China

LOCUS, Shanghai China

Dot.7, Changzhou China

Eastern Market, Melbourne, Australia

WORLD, New Zealand

TUR STUDIO, New Zealand

Soul Drops, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Twisted Lily, New York

Shop Untitled, New York

Dover Street Market, USA