Neandertal™ | For modern human.
The Neandertal project was inspired by the history of Neandertal, who mysteriously disappeared from earth around 30,000 years ago. They are often thought to be wild and animal-like beings, but recent discoveries have proven their highly intelligent life and sophistication. Neandertals painted geometric shapes as cave paintings before humans, used musical instruments and very likely spoke their own language. Neandertal perfume is designed for the contemporary Neandertal. It reflects their life in the past as well as the sophisticated future they never had the chance to see. The two unisex fragrances were created by Scottish perfumer Euan McCall, inspired by an invention of what a Neandertal’s essence might have been today, should they have evolved alongside us. Ingredients such as musk and amber, natural to their environments, are combined with fresher tones compounding into a mixture of sophisticated olfactory palettes wearable by today’s humans.
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Neandertals disappeared mysteriously from earth
around 30,000 years ago after the arrival of modern humans.

Neandertals lived alongside modern humans for around 10,000 years.

We carry up to 4% of Neandertal DNA as a result of interbreeding.

Neandertals left behind geometric cave paintings earlier than modern humans.
This demonstrates they were capable of abstract thoughts.

Neandertal Perfum


“Where have we come from and where are we going?” 

As ways of artistic response to such a big question, artist Kentaro Yamada in collaboration with perfumer Euan McCall created Neandertal Perfume™.

Celebrating the relatively unknown history and relationship between Neandertals and mankind, this fragrance incorporates historically and culturally significant natural raw materials.

Homo sapiens and Neandertals shared around 10,000 years of living side by side, before Neandertals mysteriously disappearing from earth around 30,000 years ago.

They are thought to be wild animal like beings, less intelligent than modern humans, however recent findings reveal that they were highly intelligent, creating art and music prior to humans, while living in Europe 10 times longer than us.

Neandertal Perfume™ imagines the life they could have fulfilled whilst raising questions of our own past and future. 

The Scent

“If Neanderthals still walked the earth, how would their unique olfactory system influence their perception of perfume organoleptically? what materials would the ‘modern’ Neanderthal have an affinity with now?”.

Many of the ingredients and accords have ancient and historical context. These materials were used as foundations, the initial skeleton for the Neandertal project. Other materials accent and highlight the structure in a modern, contemporary notion.

Most of the natural ingredients can be found across the regions of Eurasia, Western Europe, Central China, East and South West Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean; areas now understood to have been active Neandertal habitation zones. The oils suspended within the final fragrance are of the highest quality, be they natural, isolate or of synthetic origin.

 After many modifications and a year of refining, perfumer and the artist arrived at two themes. One, a darker, smokier more animalic interpretation of the concept and another brighter facet of the theme containing higher levels of lighter, delicate and fresher materials.

Woven through both scents is a hot mineral accord, taking inspiration from the hot flint aroma produced during the knapping process. The resulting accord is an overdose of several high-impact, steroidal odorants against lighter aquatic elements to recreate this sensation.



LN-CC, London United Kingdom

Musee de l’homme, Paris France

10 Corso Como, Milan Italy

SONG, Vienna Austria

Neanderthal Museum, Germany

Wrong Weather, Porto Portugal

DAYNIGHT, St. Petersburg Russia