Neandertal light, dark, us, them 2ml sample set


Neandertal light™ is in stark contrast to Neandertal dark, a journey which explores concepts of olfactory dissonance.

Radiant and expansive Neandertal light concentrates on the present and as such, possesses a linear and harmonious structure.

Neandertal dark™ is the darker, more shadowed version of Neandertal. A scent of movement that challenges perfumery conventions.

Neandertal us explores human history through universal olfactory profiles that exist across many cultures. 

Neandertal them™ echoes a message from a time we have not yet experienced. It is a portrait of an optimistic future full of technological advances, hinting at an improved human life and the progress of generations to come.

4 x 2ml samples

Neandertal light contains olfactory elements: leaves / incense / hinoki / orris / galbanum / leather / ambergris

Neandertal dark contains olfactory elements: green foliage / pepper berries / citrus fruits / aromatic seeds / leather / amber / incense resins / oud

Neandertal us contains olfactory elements: citrus / incense / eucalyptus / rose / cardamom / vetiver / hyraceum / amber / oud / sandalwood / moss

Neandertal them contains olfactory elements: kelp / carrot seed / iris / neroli / hinoki / sandalwood / ambrette / styrax / musk / ambergris 

Year: 2020

Contains: Unisex Eau de Parfum 2ml x 4

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