Neandertal™ | Neandertal™ dark
The Neandertal project was inspired by the history of Neandertal, who mysteriously disappeared from earth around 30,000 years ago. They are often thought to be wild and animal-like beings, but recent discoveries have proven their highly intelligent life and sophistication. Neandertals painted geometric shapes as cave paintings before humans, used musical instruments and very likely spoke their own language. Neandertal perfume is designed for the contemporary Neandertal. It reflects their life in the past as well as the sophisticated future they never had the chance to see. The two unisex fragrances were created by Scottish perfumer Euan McCall, inspired by an invention of what a Neandertal’s essence might have been today, should they have evolved alongside us. Ingredients such as musk and amber, natural to their environments, are combined with fresher tones compounding into a mixture of sophisticated olfactory palettes wearable by today’s humans.
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Neandertal™ dark


NEW 2018

Neandertal dark™ contains olfactory elements:
green foliage / pepper berries / citrus fruits /
aromatic seeds / leather / amber / incense resins / oud

Each bottle is handmade by the artist Kentaro Yamada.

Year: 2018

Contains: Unisex Eau de Parfum 90ml / 3.0 fl. oz.
Size: 13cm (h) x 10cm (w) x 5cm (d)
Perfumer: Euan McCall

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic,Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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Neandertal dark™

The darker, more shadowed version of Neandertal™ is constructed on a base of sandalwood and cedar, both known for their pheromone characteristics. I used oud for its animalic, balsamic and resinous quality and added vetiver, patchouli and cashmeran to introduce green, earthy, rhizome facets. Vanilla and  labdanum adds an amber accord for sappy richness and sensuality in the evaporation of the composition and there are musk’s in place to give the feral effect of animal pelt on the skin. These heavy darker materials are inspired by the Neanderthals of the past. 

A series of incense materials were implemented to aid relief; frankincense, myrrh and guaiac wood to bridge the heart and base reinforced by a supple leather accord. A minimal rose theme supported by tobacco and saffron was used to round out and soften the incense thematics of the heart structure. A careful and piquant duo of ginger absolute and caraway facilitated as bridge between heart and top. I used ginger absolute for its zingy, fresh, caramelised fruit nuances and to reintroduce the earthy root theme originally found in the base of the fragrance. Caraway is a stunning material when used with sleight of hand; unmistakably anise-like, cooling with green leaf facets and subtle gustatory notes hinting at an almost umami sensation. An imagined journey through recorded time if Neanderthals had walked by our sides throughout history.

The top structure concentrates on the leafier elements of the scent. Less hesperidic in tone, leaning towards an aromatic and textured feel instead. Centred on a reconstituted Hinoki accord allowing me to sway the characteristics of the top in a greener, more aromatic direction with fewer citric compounds than are are normally present in Hinoki oil. This accord was created using oximes, terpenes, aldehydes and finally pink pepper for a naturalistic depth. The result was a woody, leafy ,berry like profile. The Hinoki accord was further enhanced by the saline tang of grapefruit and the delicate sweetness of tangerine, introducing a soft citrus and oddly transgressive iodine element that might suggest Neanderthals in present day. 

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 13 x 10 x 5 cm